Some Information about our Therapy Styles and Formats

Barn Room Based Therapy

Conducted in the beautiful barn conversion therapy rooms, with incredible nature outlooks. High ceilings, light and well ventilated rooms with an option at any time to walk out into nature or just be in the barn near nature and horses.

Eco Nature Based Therapy

“At The Barn” also has beautiful paddocks, creeks, forests, flora and fauna in a huge variety to be out in and part of. Eco/nature based therapy uses nature  as a tool to promote health  – emotionally, physically and spiritually with the therapeutic use of sensory experience.  There is a growing amount of evidence based research suggesting proven effectiveness for anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health disorders.

Equine Assisted Therapy

“At the Barn Counselling” offers equine assisted mental health practice for those interested in connecting with horses on a therapeutic level in combinations with wholistic evidence based counselling. Horses live in the present moment, without apology for their needs, and act on natural impulses and drives. Their need for honesty and authenticity from us allows deep connection for people with horses and ultimately can bring them back to deep connection with themselves. Time in the paddock with the herd can be transformative and deeply healing as we allow ourselves to be truly seen by the other (the horse). And can also be deeply rewarding for our horse partners.